Friday 16 December 2016

AUKEY Gaming Headset Review

With family living abroad, Skype has been a godsend. However, with Skype, a good headset is a must. The Aukey Gaming Headset has proven to do the trick perfectly when using my computer. 

The AUKEY Gaming Headset comes presented in a well designed box. The scorpion logo is carried from box to headset as well as the black and red colour scheme.

The quality of the headset is pretty decent. It has an adjustable headband which is also padded giving it great support and added comfort for long term use.
The speakers themselves are really good too. They have quite a big bass on them which is good when listening to music, although can make it sound as though people are shouting when you're talking on Skype.
I have had various other headsets in the past and the only flaw I have found to this headset is that the microphone isn't flexible however this doesn't effect the quality of the microphone itself which is very clear. 
It has a 2.5m lead making it really easy to manoeuvre when using the headset. 

I have used the AUKEY Gaming headset for plenty of different things including listening to music, playing games online, watching movies and TV programs, chatting online and watching videos online. 

The box came with a simple instruction manual as well as a 24 month warranty card and the headset itself. 

The headset is one of the lower priced headsets on the market at only £14.99 however I would wholeheartedly say that it could quite easily sell at double the price as the quality you receive is brilliant. 

You can find this headset for sale here. 

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