Tuesday 8 November 2016

Christmas Gift Guide - 0-5 Years

Hey! This is the first year I've been blogging over Christmas so this is my first ever Christmas Gift Guide. I have scrolled endlessly at these in previous years and absolutely adore looking at the links and ideas people pass advise. This year, I decided to create one myself.
I am not writing the list in any specific order so please do not dismiss an item because it is last on the list. Some of these products are what I have reviewed in the past so I will also link up the review.


Tellmystorybook.ie create unique personalised children's books. They incorporate the child's face and name throughout the book. Prices start from £18.95 and you can purchase additional features such as a dedication page and gift wrap. I think this would be such a cute gift for any child over the age of 2.

A BuZZy White Christmas Book

A BuZZy White Christmas is a fun and informative book about Christmas. It touches on Baby Jesus and the meaning of Christmas as well as modern day Christmas traditions. This book costs £6.99 and is one of a series of 4. I would say this book is aimed at children between the ages of 3 -5 however any age can enjoy.
To read my full review on this book, click here.

Crayola Inspirational Art Case 

The Crayola Inspirational Art Case is absolutely amazing for any child that loves to draw or colour. It is a 140 piece set that comes in a lovely solid carry case. This is currently priced up on amazon for £19.99. I would say this is aimed over 1 year old however I wouldn't put a maximum age on this as I would happily colour away with it!
To read my full review on this, click here.

Jungle Jam Book

Jungle Jam is a really fun book to read and has some really cool craft ideas at the back. It is a informative and educational children's book aimed at 0-4 year olds. It is currently for sale on Amazon for £5.99.
To read my full review on this book, click here.

Just a few other things that you could get are:

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  1. Toy HQ offers all sorts of craft classes if you’re gift recipient has a creative itch. They have classes related to knitting and crocheting, paper crafts, and they even have a special section just for kids!


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