Tuesday 11 October 2016

Ramblings at 1am!

Anyone else sit up and night and just don't know what to do? 
My mind is running in overdrive thinking of what needs doing, how I am going to do it, thinking when can I get the time to do it?

I often write lists. Lots of lists. 
Usually they say the same things on them over and over. 

I have a few blog posts I need to write and publish, I need to tidy my bathroom after L decided the toilet roll tube wasn't the best place for the toilet roll to be, I need to decide what we're having for tea tomorrow, I need to change all the bedding tomorrow and wash the kitchen windows, I need to put the washload of clothes into the tumble drier in the morning and start everything all over again! 
I need a break! 

Luckily, we have booked a break away next year! That'll be fun! 
2 adults and 3 children! It'll be our first holiday as a family of 5! This terrifies me though! 
The thought of controlling a under 1, under 2 and 4 year old on a plane seems to fill me with dread! 

I have lots of things going through my mind currently. My most recent blog post which touched on miscarriage hasn't really left my mind since I wrote it. I wrote it with it being infant loss awareness day and believed it to be the most appropriate day to write it although with that said, I'm not sure any day is the best time to open up about things I haven't actually gotten my head around yet. It's coming up to 1 year since I found out I was pregnant and things are starting to feel strange! 

I'm thirsty. 
I've noticed I'm extremely thirsty all the time now because I am breastfeeding! I stay as hydrated as I can but whenever I feed R, I always seem to become extremely thirsty. It's like my body's way of saying "You're losing liquid! Hydrate!" 

I need to iron T's school uniform! 
I was meant to do it on Sunday night but decided that a nice long sleep trumped ironing so I just ironed for Monday! That means tomorrow morning I will need to iron tomorrow's uniform at a minimum! Anyone else hate ironing as much as I do? It's just so repeatative and boring! 

Well, with it being close to 1am and having to wake up in less than 7 hours, I think I should try and sleep! 

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