Tuesday 11 October 2016

Review: A BuZZy White Christmas Book

We were gifted A BuZZy White Christmas by Michael Walter in the lead up to the holidays. 
Christmas is my favourite holiday of the year and we love to read Christmas books! 


A BuZZy White Christmas has got to be one of my favourite children's Christmas books I've read to date. 
It incorporates the story of baby Jesus and the three wise men along with modern Christmas planning such as gift buying, snowman building and turkey dinners! 

It begins by introducing the characters with a little poem which I found really cute! 


It is written similar to a poem with rhyming couplings and reads really well which makes it fun to read. It also has a couple of jokes in the book (although I'm not sure my 3 year old understood the reference to Retail Christmas starting in June).

The illustrations by Nick Owen have a quirky feel about themselves as all the edges are "wobbly" which gives it a little more personality. 


I am really impressed with this book and no doubt, we will be reading it again on the run up to Christmas! 

This book is being sold for £6.99 and is part of a series of 4 books including Harty Hedgehog and his BuZZy Friends, A BuZZy Seaside Holiday and A BuZZy Birthday Party. 
In addition this this series, there is also a BuZZy Friends Band in Fairyland book which comes with a penny whistle and looks as though it'll be a fun and interesting introduction to music. 


Find more at BuZZy Friends

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