Wednesday 21 December 2022

The benefits of sending your children on residential school trips

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If your children have started to go to school, then you’ll know throughout the calendar year there are various residential trips for schools that will be offered to your children. Many of these trips will cost you personally but are very beneficial to your children and we would suggest sending them on them if you can afford to - some schools will help you with the costs if you are unable to pay. 

These trips have many benefits including increased independence, taking your children outside their comfort zone, helping them learn in a different way, they will be excited to be going on a school trip and more. 

Below we have put together our top benefits of sending your children on residential trips for schools

It can help your child become more independent

One of the biggest benefits of sending your child on a residential school trip is that it can help your child to build independence. For many kids, they’ve never been away from their families before and it offers a chance for them to be away from home and have to do things for themselves. Being out of their comfort zone can be a great way to help grow their character and make them stronger as a person.

They can spend some time out of the classroom

Not all children work well when they are in the classroom, some find they work a lot better when they have a change of scenery. Residential trips give them a chance to work in a completely different environment, build new skills and find out about different interests they have. Residential trips tend to focus a lot on healthy outdoor activities such as sports and these can also work on other skills. For example, they might be focused on team building, confidence building or critical thinking. These are all things that can be applied in the classroom, but are just taught a different way.

It can introduce them to new hobbies

Residential trips are a great way to introduce children to new hobbies that they might never have discovered they have an interest for. As mentioned above, they focus a lot on sports and outdoor activities and they might be able to try things such as lacrosse, fencing or kayaking - all of which could be totally new to them. This is a great way to introduce them to new hobbies they could pick up for and continue when they get home.

Residential trips have a multitude of benefits for your child and are something they will remember for years to come. They can introduce them to a range of new skills and hobbies and perhaps spark an interest that they continue to delve into once they have got home from the trip. They allow them a chance to become more independent and spend time with their school friends that they wouldn’t normally get to. Have you sent your child on a residential trip before? If so, what are some top tips you have for when they go? Let us know in the comments below.

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