Friday 7 June 2019

Getting Your Garden Summer Ready

Summer is finally upon us. While there’s still a little too much rain going around, the temperatures are increasing and the dry periods are starting to get a little longer. There’s light at the end of the dark and cloudy tunnel. You might be eager to get out into your garden, playing with the kids, reading and sipping wine in the sunshine, or entertaining around your BBQ. But a quick look out of your back window might be all that you need to see that your garden isn’t ready for this. Having to wait for good weather might mean that you haven’t had the chance to do as much as you might have liked. So, put your summer body on hold for a few more weeks, and focus instead on getting your garden ready, so that you can get outdoors and reap the rewards of your efforts.

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Assess the Damage

Some gardens -and homes- just need a little TLC. Others are a total wreck. This will all depend on how much gardening you did last year, what you left out over winter, the size of your garden and how much you’ve managed to keep on top of things over the colder months. Get out there and assess the damage, so that you know what needs doing. Look for broken fences, weeds, broken furniture, bald patches of grass and dead plants, as well as anything obviously wrong.

Clean Up

Next, start cleaning. If you’ve got access to a jet wash, give your pathways, decking, fences and outside walls a good blast. If not, a hose might do the trick. Pick up any rotten leaves, broken furniture and toys and anything else that doesn’t belong and throw it away.

Find the Right Furniture

Some of your furniture might not have survived the winter if it’s been left out. Even if it hasn’t, it might not be what you need or want in your outside space. Salvage what you can with some varnish and weatherproof paint. Then, look for Garden furniture that you like and meets your needs.

Add a Coat of Paint

Most good garden paint claims to last for around three years. But this isn’t always the case. If your fences, decking, shed or anything else look as though they need a fresh coat, or like they are no longer protected from rain (it won’t sit on top in the same way), this is the best time to do it. Choose a dry, warm day and paint early, so it’s dry when you want to do other things.

Get Planting

If most of your plants and flowers are perennial, then you might just need to prune them back a little and give them some TLC. If not, you might need to dig some out and replace them. If you want to grow fruit, plant ASAP, so that you will have plenty at the end of summer.

Mow the Lawn

You might not have mowed your lawn for months. But it’s growing fast now. Only the top third of grass is green, so take more than this off, and you won’t have a luscious green lawn. Mow little and often for the best effects. If any patches need work, add a little seed, and keep off until it starts to grow and fill in.

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