Friday 4 May 2018

5 Easy Storage Hacks For Kids

Having children means that every step you take, you stand on a toy… usually Lego. It means that sitting on the sofa includes sharing with multitudes of dollies and teddies. 
I've been searching the internet high and low looking for ideas to make the most of the space we have in the house (or lack of space) while still being child friendly and everything being easily accessible. 
After seeing all these perfect show homes storage ideas and plenty of Kallax hacks that I simply can not afford, I opted to start small. 

Spice Rack Book Shelves

These look really cute and I could see being useful in not only a bedroom to hold books but also next to the door to place letters (dang! You could even screw in some hooks for your keys!)

Toilet Paper Tube Pen Holder

This looked like a fun little crafts idea which could also be very useful. Using a shoe box and some empty toilet roll tubes, this pen holder could be decorated to any theme. I can see this being really useful storing all them little bits and bobs that you never know where to put.

Toy Hammock

I am definitely going to be making a couple of these! A couple of wall hooks, 2 curtain rings and a large piece of pretty cloth. Perfect for storing all those teddies! 

Over Door Hooks 

These are pretty self explanatory and very easily accessible. Perfect for adding a couple more door hooks without actually having to drill in some hooks.

Flexi Tubs

We use flexi tubs in nearly every room of the house. They are perfect for practically everything. We have toys in the play room, nappies in the nursery, outgrown clothes next to the wardrobes, bath toys in the bathroom, clean washing to put away, shoes in the hallway and even use them to tidy the rabbits cages. 
They are amazing and I am yet to find a room I can't use one in for whatever reason. 
I am currently in the middle of sewing some covers for over our tubs so they look the part in each room too! 

Have you got any amazing storage hacks you're proud of? Let me know in the comments!

All images sourced from Google.9

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