Sunday 15 October 2017

What The Girls Wore - Me&I

Although you'll not often find me venturing far from wearing dark colours (mainly black), the girls are always dressed in bright colours and funky patterns. I just adore them wearing bold, bright patterns and they in turn love it too. When we were offered the chance to model some Me&I, I couldn't pass up the chance! 

I had heard many things about Me&I, always good things such as how well they wash, the amazing quality and how they're ethically sourced - all of which I look for in clothes. 

We chose three variations of their pattern Cinnamon Buns which meant that each of the girls had something similar to wear but could make it their own. 

The biggest wanted pink to match her wellies. I love the style that she chose as I really think this tunic style suits her very well. She is all body and no legs so I do often struggle to find tops that are long enough but I didn't struggle with this at all! 

The middle I find really suits long sleeved tops, so we chose this amazing long sleeved blue top in the same pattern. To give her some extra colour, we popped this with some yellow boots and a yellow raincoat and I have to admit, I was envious! She had lots of comments at just how lovely the outfit was and as you can see, I think she was happy too! 

The littlest wears a lot of dresses, mainly because she won't keep socks on but hasn't yet figured out how to take tights off. I was so happy when we found the Cinnamon Bun print on a dress. Although this is a slightly different style to the other two, it matches in perfectly. It is a lovely velveteen feel and paired with a long sleeved body suit and a pair of tights, suited her down to the ground.

As a parent, I am really impressed with the quality of these clothes. They feel really soft and comfortable, are extremely well made and the colour is so vibrant. I would highly recommend Me&I to anyone looking for pretty clothes... They do adult clothes too! 


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