Friday, 29 September 2017

Our Thoughts On Doddl Children's Cutlery

Doddl have designed this amazing set of ergonomic cutlery specifically for smaller hands. It is very different from regular children's cutlery in a lot of ways. 

Doddl is a high quality and BPA free, suitable from 12 months and is dishwasher safe - an added bonus for us! The short curved handles allow for easy grip and makes it much easier for toddlers to feed themselves. 

We have let both the one and two year old use this product and it works perfectly with both of them although I am yet to let the youngest use the knife as she has no need for it just yet. 
"Ambidextrous, Doddl cutlery encourages your child to work out, at their own pace, which is their dominant hand, whilst at the same time improving the communication between both sides of their brain – supporting all round cognitive development. - Doddl"

The fork and spoon are really well made however I am most pleased with the design of the knife. Unlike a standard knife, the doddl knife is much easier to grip, supports wrist muscles when cutting and really aids in hand control and hand-eye coordination. 

The weight of the cutlery is mostly in the handle which meant that when my youngest picked it up with her pincer grip, it felt more stable which meant she was able to control the cutlery much easier than a standard designed cutlery. 

Until now, we have yet to find a knife that my four year old could use easily enough as she seems to struggle with the angle of cutting. The doddl knife suited her perfectly although she didn't use it with the matching cutlery as they were slightly too small for her grip.

Overall, I am really impressed with the design of this cutlery and would highly recommend it to anyone with babies over one. It has been such a great help with all three of my girls in getting to grips with holding two pieces of cutlery at one time. 



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