Tuesday 6 June 2017

My Amazon Wishlist - Wooden Toys

Anyone else a big fan of wooden toys? They are timeless, tough and terrific! Very much loved by all in this household.

I love to look on Amazon often to get ideas for birthdays and Christmas.
This is my current Wooden Toy wishlist!

Threading Beads - I LOVE threading beads. These help improve hand eye coordination, number recognition and are really cute!

Building Blocks - Building blocks are one of my all time favourite wooden toys. There is so much that can be done with them. Opportunities are endless!

Cutting Fruit - I thought this cutting fruit was really cute. Should help with knife skills which should improve hand eye coordination. Oh, and they are really pretty!

ZigZag Race Car - I find this amazing! I think this would be an amazing purchase. I could play with this for hours (*cough* I mean the kids!)

Sound Blocks - I have heard nothing but good reviews about these sound blocks. Such a wonderful sensory toy.

Play Tool Kit - Every little boy (or girls) dream to be like Daddy (or Mummy) and do the home improvements!

Rainbow Push Along - Such a lovely take on a classic push toy. Lovely colours!

Stacking Pull Along Train - Finally, what more can you ask for?! Stacking, building, colourful, pull along (or push), geometric train!


  1. We love wooden toys, they last so much better than plastic so work out as better value for money

    1. I'm slowly replacing all our battery operated plastic toys with lovely wooden toys. The kids love that they're getting new toys so much that they don't realise their older ones are disappearing.


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