Tuesday 20 June 2017

Baby's 1st Birthday Wishlist

It's crazy to think that my baby is going to be one in less than 4 weeks. It doesn't seem two minutes since that I was rather heavily pregnant and waiting rather impatiently to meet the little miss. 
This will be the third time I've celebrated a 1st birthday although they never seem to become less emotional. I think I'm looking forward to this birthday quite a lot just because it will be the only day I will ever be able to say "I have 2 one year olds!" 

I have racking my brain, trying to think of things that I would really like for her and finally finished her *my* dream wishlist!

1. Lion Stacking Ring - We have various different stacking toys however none that are such a lovely design and have a lion head! It's perfect sized for little hands but not too small that they're not able to stack themselves.

2. Orangetree Toys Farmyard Skittles - Skittles are amazing for all ages. They are a multipurpose toy I find. They can be played as a game of skittles however the pins can also be played with as figures and the ball played with on a marble track or even just rolling around. 

3. Orangetree Toys Wooden Push Along Lion - Another lion! However this will be perfect once she has started walking. With the balls attached to the wheels, I can only imagine how much fun this would be to play with!

4. Le Toy Van Le Petit Ark - Who can say no to a wooden Noahs Ark? This one doubles as a shape sorter which would improve hand - eye coordination. It's also really cute.

5. Everearth 7-in-1 Garden Activity Centre - Okay, this one is more of a dream present but have you seen it! It has creative cubes, beads, cogs, maze, counting blocks, abacus and a shape sorter. It is perfect if you have more than one child too and would help teach the importance of sharing and socializing while improving their fine motor skills. What more could you ask for?

6. Hawkins Bazaar Wooden Alphabet Blocks - We actually already have this set however I highly recommend it to anyone looking for one! They are perfect for tower building while young but grow with the child. This set actually contains numbers both numerically and written as well as math symbols, fruit, animals and letters in various fonts and colours. It is one of our favourite toys in this household.

7. Oball - Oballs are amazing. They are so easy for babies to grip and make a brilliant teething toy. They even do little duck shaped Oballs which I found amazing! These are such a wonderful toy at such a cheap price. 

8. Galt Pop Up Toy - I've heard lots of good reviews about this pop up toy. They bob up and down keeping the baby stimulated and are easy to grip. They sounds a really fun and interesting toy. 

9. Grimms 12 Piece Rainbow - I will make sure I add this to every and all aged birthday wishlists that I am ever to write. The Grimms 12 piece rainbow is a perfect present for any and all ages. Heck, we only have a mini rainbow and it can keep any one of the family (myself included) entertained for hours! 

10. Plan Toys Campervan Walker - I will admit, this one we have already got for the little miss's birthday but I can't help but share it's cuteness! This wooden walker seems as though it will be stable enough to help her gain the confidence to take her first steps. With it being an open walker, she will be able to stash all of her amazing birthday gifts in the tray. This comes in Pink, Blue and Yellow and they are all amazingly cute!

What kind of items are on your babies wishlist? Are there any that you would recommend or any dream presents?

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