Sunday 19 March 2017

AUKEY Solar Charger Review

I have had many AUKEY items in the past and none of them I have ever found a fault with. They are brilliant quality items that have all impressed me; this AUKEY Solar Charger was no different. 

I have to admit, this review was pretty hard to do at the moment as the weather hasn't been cracking although we did have one good day I was able to try it out. 

I had my phone in charge for approximately 90 minutes and in that time, my battery charged from 10% to 80% which I thought was a decent increase.

I've not heard good reviews on solar chargers in the past however whenever I've asked about them, they've always been small pocket chargers that would could probably get more power from a potato. 

This solar charger is a bit different. It is 21W with dual USB ports making it quite large. Definitely not pocket sized. 
Although this could be seen as a down side, I think this is one of it's better features. As it is so big, there is more surface area, more solar panels and more power. 

It folds approximate to the size of an A4 piece of paper (maybe a little thinner in width).
It would be easy to pack in a suitcase for going abroad and placing out on the porch or balcony of your apartment while you're on holiday. Well, this is my idea anyway!

Overall, I would highly recommend this AUKEY Solar Charger for those sunny days in the garden or holidays abroad.  

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