Monday 13 March 2017

Asda's Little Angels First Pants Review

I've never used first pants before. Even when potty training our eldest, I've never tried them so when we were kindly gifted a pack of Asda's Little Angels Peppa Pig First Pants to try for the youngest, I wanted to see what the fuss was all about!

We use a mix of cloth and disposable nappies usually so it was just a case of waiting and finding the perfect time to try out the first pants. 

Last night was the night! I got everything out for bedtime; baby grow, sleep suit, wipes, dummy and nappy. 

I must admit, it's a bit awkward putting a pull up on an 8 month old who is yet to be able to stand unaided. Other than a slight wobble while trying to get the nappy on, it fit well, wasn't bulky and was soft against the skin.

The eldest is a huge Peppa Pig fan so when these came out, she did question why she never had one to try. (We've just started night time training however don't use nappies.)
She loved the recognizable design on the nappy and kept telling me which character was which and which toy belonged to each character.

This morning we woke up with dry pyjamas, a full nappy and a happy baby. 

I am really happy with these first pants and would purchase them in the future when she is a little bigger.
I can see these being perfect for potty training the toddler when we start! 

The nappies we tested were Little Angels Peppa Pig First Pants in size 4. (Size 5 and 6 available)
They currently retail at £3.87 for a pack of 30.

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