Monday 23 January 2017

First Time At The Park

We've (L, R and myself) been to the park quite a lot recently after dropping T off at nursery. Unfortunately, I seem to have been hit with some bad luck in the phone department and every time we got their, my phone decided to go from 40/50% to completely dead (oh the joys of an iPhone) so I never actually managed to get any pictures of L playing. Friday was our lucky day!

R was always asleep so never actually left the pram on any of our previous park visits however I am thankful that the first time she was awake when we got their, my phone was still alive and working so I managed to get lots of lovely pictures of them playing!

Firstly, it was R's first time on the swing. Although she was completely confused as to what was happening at first, as soon as L started swinging her about, she was so excited. 

After the swings, L decided she wanted to play in the tunnel which she really enjoyed and it was really nice to take pictures in too! 

Well, I say she really enjoyed it... until she couldn't figure out how to get out of it without falling out as usually she turns around and climbs down things backwards. She didn't have the space in the tunnel so she started to get frustrated.

R had a go on the slide too for the first time. Although I never let go of her while she was going down it, she still seemed to really enjoy it.

We then had a little play on the climbing frame which I think was L's absolute favourite part of the park (other than the roundabout which I never managed to get any pictures of her playing on)

Finally, we ended our trip to the park with a quick go on the seesaw which although slightly unsteady, L held on really well and quite enjoyed. 

And off home we went.

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