Monday 14 November 2016

R is 4 months old

Yesterday R turned 4 months old! How crazy! I officially have a 4 month old yesterday and a 16 month old today. They're both learning loads. 

R has started rolling from front to back. She is reaching out more for toys. She is giggling loads. She can sit up in her bumbo and she is still breastfeeding! 
I am still breastfeeding at 4 months old. 
I feel amazing about it. Never did I imagine I would get this far and look, here I am without a worry of stopping. 


L has become much more confident in the last month. She has walked fair distances without her pram, is becoming very independent and has started saying more words to communicate. She dances, she tidies away shoes and toys and she brings me things she wants me to open for her. 

T is sharing a lot more and actually acknowledging that L is becoming bigger and no longer a little baby who she can't really play with. 

I am really happy at how my girls are all developing and learning. 


It's still hard to get a picture of them all together so this is one where R was mid way getting changed, L was watching telly and T was ready for school! 

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