Thursday 3 November 2016

Organising with Chalk Board Stickers

Anyone else feel that they need a little bit more organisation in their life? 
This is how I feel! I have never been very organised and one day was watching lots of YouTube videos on how to become organised and a few of them included these amazing stickers which I thought looked really cute, so inevitably, I bought them.

These stickers came in a pack of 64, with a white chalk pen. They have 4 different shapes and look beautiful.

 I have lots of ideas for these stickers but at the moment, I have stuck them on T's reward jar and sweets jar. They look really cute and quirky. 


The rewards jar is slowly being filled up with little pebbles whenever she helps a lot or does what I ask her to. 
The jars themselves came from Poundland which I was really impressed with, the pebbles from Home Bargains and the sweets from Halloween.

Unfortunately, I can't find the link to where I bought mine but I've found these which are brilliant too! £6.50 for 80 and they're lovely shapes too! 

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