Friday 18 November 2016

Multi-port USB plugs - Our family favourite!

The multi-USB plug is the best invention known to man!
Anyone nowadays knows that you use USB plugs for everything. You need them to charging your phone, tablet, camera and even bedside lamp. They are used for plenty of electrical items. 

I thought I would share this little amazing invention to save you plug space... 

This plug has 2 USB ports and can be found here. It is usually £12.99 but until 28th November, this store has a discount code to get £5 off making it £7.99. Use code EE7IG7BY

This is a bit chunkier but has 3 USB ports which is such a space saver for any family home! It can be found here however as above, has a discount code to receive £3 off until 28th November. Use code GXLA4MHM

I would highly recommend these for any busy family as they are such a space saver and are useful in every room (and could be used on holiday too!)

Don't miss out on the discount codes, only valid until 28/11/16.

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