Tuesday 29 November 2016

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Gadget lover, gizmo admirer, cool tech worshiper... call me what you wish. I just LOVE all little things electrical. So when I was gifted a few gadgets, my heart skipped a beat! 

Aukey Portable Power Bank

I had been on the hunt for a Power Bank for my iPhone seeing as recently, it has been "dying" at 50% charge and won't turn back on again until I plug it into something. 

I was over the moon to receive this Aukey Portable Power Bank as it was exactly what I was looking for. At 20000mAH it could fully charge my iPhone 6 eleven times from one charge of the power bank.  Even better, this came with 2 USB's so I could charge my iPhone and my tablet at the same time. 

I decided to put it to the test and let my phone completely drain of battery so I could charge it up from 0%. I was really impressed with just how effective this power bank is. My phone had fully charged within a couple of hours and kept it's charge for just as long as it would have using a mains plug. 
The power bank is compact too which means I have been able to take it out with me on shopping trips without the fear my phone would decide to die at any moment. 

Overall, I can not fault this product at all. It is powerful, fast, convenient and actually rather stylish too. It came with a micro USB to charge it up with and 24 months warranty too (which is an added bonus!) 

To purchase the Aukey Portable Power Bank, please find it here.

Hylogy Infrared Digital Forehead Thermometer

The second gadget I was gifted was the Hylogy Infrared Digital Forehead Thermometer.
I have had my fair share of thermometers, from forehead strips to ear thermometers and plenty in between however I have never had an infrared thermometer and now I've tried this, I don't think I will be going back to any other type.

This thermometer is so easy to use, quick and accurate. Having a decent thermometer is a must have with young children and I would highly recommend this one!

This thermometer is unlike any I have used before. It is a no contact thermometer which comes in handy if you have poorly, sleeping babies. It's as easy as holding it within a couple of centimetres from your forehead and pressing a button.

I am really happy with this thermometer. Not only did it come with 2 batteries, it also came with a cute little bag to store it in. A cool feature of this thermometer is that it is colour coded. Green backlight means normal temperature, yellow means slight fever while red means high fever. As an added bonus, this also comes with 24 months warranty.
To purchase the Hylogy Infrared Digital Forehead Thermometer, please find it here.

Aglaia Aroma Diffuser Essential Oils Humidifier 

I have never before used a Humidifier however had heard good things about them for nurseries and bedrooms so when I received this, I was curious to see how it worked. 

So, upon reading the instructions, it seemed pretty simple... mix an essential oil of your choice with water and use. I decided to use it in my bedroom as both a gentle nightlight and aroma diffuser. 

There is a timer button which is handy as it means you can set to 1 hourly, 2 hourly or 3 hourly. I added my lavender oil and water mix, set mine to 2 hourly and left it on all night without a worry. It also has a automatic shut off safety feature meaning it turns off when it has ran out of water. 

I have used this every night since I received it because it is very calming and relaxing after a stressful day. If you have never used a aroma diffuser before, I would highly recommend it for the office, the bedroom, the nursery, the living room... well, any room in your house! (Although maybe not the bathroom)

To purchase the Aglaia Aroma Diffuser Essential Oils Humidifier, please find it here.

Why not buy this essential oils starter kit to go with it here.

To find more items from this seller, please visit their Amazon Shop - Tianyue Dazzling

Disclosure: We were gifted all items above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are my own. 


  1. The thermometer looks really good!!!
    I need to get one of them for my little boy!
    :D :D

    Thanks for the link!

  2. The Aukey Portable Power Bank is amazing!!! It's so useful when you are out and about and don't have time to charge your device at home. Everybody needs one!!!


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