Saturday 15 October 2016

Interview with a Mummy - Irish Twins #5

Name: Sindhu
How old are you? 29
Where are you from? Malaysia. Currently living in Oman
How many children do you have? 2
How old are your children? 26 months and 14 months
What are their genders? Boy and girl


1.Was this planned or did it come as a shock? 
We didn't plan. IT1 was not a shock but IT2 was

2.How was your pregnancy? Did you have any complications in either pregnancy? 
Nope. Both pretty normal. Except with it2 i had morning sickness and severe food aversions for about 7 months.

3.What number pregnancy were your Irish twins? 
1 & 2

4.Do you want any more children? 

5.Do you think there is any stigma to having children so close in age? 

6.Would you say you're a strict or laid back parent? 
Neither. I am a gentle parent and do a lot of attachment parenting.

7.What piece of advice would you give someone who is expecting their youngest Irish twin? 
The fear and worry is worst than the reality

8.Have you ever had any rude comments from a family member or friend? If so, what? 
Yes. I was pressured to abort by my mom. Friends made jokes about how I couldn't keep my legs together.

9.Have you ever had any rude comments from a stranger? If so, what? 
Strangers suggest i get my tubes tied. More than once.

10.Have you ever had any nice comments from a stranger? If so, what? 
My kids are cute and they would grow up to be close friends.

11.Would you say the close age gap was easier or harder than a bigger age gap? 
I think its easier in some ways and harder in others. But I have no first hand experience.

12.Any final advice? 
It's hard yes but definitely very rewarding.

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  1. I can imagine how hard it is for a mother of twins. I have two children who are three years apart in age. And it’s very hard for me, it became especially hard after the divorce
    Being a single mother is not at all easy, I hope that everything will be fine with this mother in the family.


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