Wednesday 7 September 2016

T's First Day Of Nursery School

I'm still in shock that my baby is old enough to be going to nursery! When did I become old enough to have a child of school age? It's insane!

T has never been in any type of nursery before and although we have been to play gyms, we don't often socialize with other children her age (other than family) so nursery is a completely new experience for her!

We've been trying to encourage the thought of nursery by promoting that she can make new friends, paint, learn to write and read books and play with other children. 

T is down for afternoons at nursery so her first day didn't start until lunchtime. That didn't stop her waking up super early and asking for her uniform on pre 9am! Think she was very excited to meet her new classmates!

 On the way to school, she was so excited to be wearing her new school uniform that she kept asking me to take more pictures of her so she could see them. While doing this, she decided to pose on a nearby bench! It was a lovely sunny day which made the excitement all the more of an adventure!

 We ended up arriving 15 minutes early so we took this time to take a picture of T standing outside the entrance to nursery! One can never have too many pictures!

Once all the children went inside, we looked for her picture and name on her coat peg to hang up her bag. She was extremely happy to see a picture of herself on the wall!

After a quick hug and kiss, I left her to her first taste of nursery. 
The first time I have left her on her own with anyone other than family. 
I think I was more nervous about this than she was! 
As she ran of to play, I had the feeling that she was going to be alright. 

I returned an hour later to find that she had been playing with a few different little girls and boys, socializing very well and playing nicely. 

On the walk home, she asked for her "monkey" and it melted my heart a little hearing her say to him "I love you monkey, I missed you! But you get to stay with Mummy again when I go to school tomorrow to play with my new friends!"

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