Wednesday 31 August 2016

R is 7 Weeks Old

How did this happen? My tiny little newborn baby is now 7 weeks old and soon to be outgrowing 0-3 clothes! 
We're still waiting for the appointment letter through about her hip scan. 

R has taken to a dummy this week. It really calms her down on a night time. The doctor told me that it wasn't common for a breastfed baby to take to a dummy, although R will only take to one type of dummy, it's not even hard for her to get to grips.

I just adore the bond these girls have between them already! 
L is a little less involved but I think that's just because she's only 1 so doesn't fully understand this new baby thing yet but she is smitten with her big sister and still tries to put the dummy in R's mouth if she spits it out. 

They're all growing up so fast and with such a lovely sisterly love between them! 

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