Wednesday, 27 April 2016

My Pregnancy Update

I've just realised that I've not very long left of this pregnancy, and I haven't made a post about it in a while.
I wanted to do a nice simple post so I've decided to write 20 facts about my pregnancy so far! 

1. I am 31 weeks pregnant tomorrow! 
2. I am having my 3rd girl
3. I didn't have any morning sickness
4. I haven't had any heartburn 
5. I have rather bad sciatic pain in my left leg
6. I have had 4 scans 
7. This pregnancy started off a twin pregnancy and is now a singleton
8. I feel like a whale
9. I am still working. I have another 4 weeks left of work
10. I have an anterior placenta
11. I haven't heard baby's heartbeat at all during this pregnancy 
12. I am classed as a low risk pregnancy
13. I plan on having a water birtg
14. I plan on having my partner and my mum as my birthing partners. This is the first time my mum has ever been at a birth other than her pregnancies
15. My craving has been McDonald's cheese burgers
16. Baby doesn't currently have a name 
17. I still don't 100% believe this baby is a girl
18. I have had 4 midwife appointments and seen a total of 7 midwives during them
19. I can't say I ever got the "pregnancy glow"
20. I am going to miss being pregnant! 

Anyone else currently pregnant or have children? Would love to hear 3 facts about your pregnancies?

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