Tuesday 15 May 2018

My Dream Wedding Venue

Since we got engaged, nearly 7 years ago, I've had long enough to sit back and think about my dream wedding venue. I've written list after list, viewed venue after venue and read plenty of advice about what to look for given on forums.

The Outside 

After plenty of searching, I found that I loved the idea of a grand country house surrounded by amazing greenery. I've always wanted a spring/ summer wedding so the idea of a gorgeous view like the one above is one that makes my heart flutter. I can only imagine the grand entrance I'd make driving down this driveway towards the venue.

To me, first impressions count. So as for exteriors, I love the traditional look. This picturesque building is Silchester House (website) and ticks all of my boxes. It's stunning gardens would make for some amazing backdrops for the wedding photographs.
I love the idea of large gardens, lots of flowers, trees, a trellis and maybe even a small stream or water feature.

The Inside

For the interior, I am swaying towards more of a simplistic, rustic feel. I would like to have a natural, white, bright colour scheme with a small amount of colour (possibly purple) included and I feel like Silchester House is simple yet elegant with their decor and floral arrangements which could easily be adapted and added colour.

When I think of my dream wedding venue, I imagine the ceremony room should let plenty of natural light in that would shine on my tiara which would then glisten and glimmer above me. My closest family and friends sat looking forward towards where I stand, trail behind me, in a cosy, quaint room.

I believe that photographs are one of the most important parts of a wedding. They capture emotions, the moments in time that in the distant future, you will want to look back and remember how you felt at that exact moment. They capture the reactions of everyone around you, moments that you may have missed in the rush of a wedding. Although it may be minor to most, natural light in a venue will be a very big part of my choice of venue because of this.

The Bridal Suite

I believe that the bridal suite takes on quite an important role of my dream wedding. Wedding are tiring as a guest and I can only assume that as the bride, meeting, greeting, wedding, eating, drinking and dancing can make you exhausted and I will enjoy nothing more than retiring to a comfortable, grand four poster bed. 

The Dining Room

I'm unsure on my dream dining area. On one hand, I would love a small, informal wedding breakfast with one single table; maybe a dozen guests. It would be very close family. It wouldn't be as tiring nor as stressful. It would be quiet yet comfortable with light conversation and appropriate background music.

On the other hand, I do like the traditional top table/ grouped table layout. I like the idea of mixing families, joining families. I like the idea of people mingling and being able to stand up and walk around freely. I like the idea of sitting on a table with my nearest and dearest. But most of all, I like the idea of having enough space to be able to invite and share our wedding day with more family and friends.

What would your dream venue be? 

What features are important to you? 

Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Bijou Weddings Venue.

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