Wednesday 16 August 2017

Sri Toys - Little Red Riding Hood Play Set Review

Wooden toys are very popular in our house, more so when they are play sets (or story sacks) from one of our favourite fairy tales. 

When we were offered the chance to review this Little Red Riding Hood Play Set from Sri Toys I jumped at the chance. 

They were over the moon when I had said that this was a present sent for them to play with. 
As soon as the postman delivered it, they had already opened the box and were in the process of building the wooden house.

"Fair, Safe, Green and Fun!
Sri Toys products are hand crafted from Rubber Wood. Rubber trees are grown to be tapped for latex and at the end of their useful life they are cut down and new trees are planted. This hard wood is thus environmentally friendly and of very high quality. Rubber wood is especially suitable for quality toys as it does not splinter and keeps its fresh and natural looks." 

It took about 2 seconds flat for the four year old to put the house up, ready for playing with. She had already lined up the solid wooden characters and was especially pleased to find a little deer included. 

Before playing any more, she ran to the bookshelf to collect the story book - Little Red Riding Hood. We were soon playing out the story with the figures.

The bright colours are perfect for keeping the interest of smaller audiences whom may not know the story as well as their older siblings (word for word). 
It is perfect for little hands as the characters are all very chunky, sturdy making it easy to grip.

Overall, I am really impressed with the quality of this toy. It is solid, easy to grip and I am confident that it'll be a much loved and enjoyed toy in our house. 

We received this Little Red Riding Hood Play Set from Sri Toys in exchange for this post. 
Buy yours here for £25.99 

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