Saturday 10 December 2016

Interview with a Mummy - Blogger #3

What is your name?
Depending on who you ask I go by Naomi, Naii or Mama!

How old are you? 
I turned 25 in January 2016.

Where are you from? 
I currently live with my family in Peterborough.

How many children do you have?
I have four children; two angels and two rainbows.

How old are your children and what are their genders?
My daughter is 2 years and 9 months, and I am due with our second rainbow daughter in December!

What is your blog url?

I blog at Me Becoming Mum and you can find be at

What was the inspiration behind your name?

When I started my blog I decided I was going to write about my experiences of being on the journey through motherhood; and also a bit about pregnancy.

What made you decide to start blogging?

A friend, and fellow mummy blogger (Filipa from Gourmet Mum at said that it was something that would really suit me, and that she thought I would be good at. I have found it to be both therapeutic and fun; and I love it.

Is blogging a job or a hobby to you?

Blogging started off as a hobby for me, but I am moving towards it being an occupation. I love what I do, and am working on building my name and branding. It is a fabulous way to have my own thing and still be at home spending quality time with my children.

Do you think there is any stigma to being a parent blogger?

I have not personally come across any, but I do know of some people that have had a lot of stick for being a blogger. Some people seem to be small minded about it being a job, and a lot of unfortunate opinions (for example, "it's just about the freebies") get thrown around; when actually blogging is a lot of hard graft and many hours of work!

What is your favourite post you have written?

I have two:
I wrote a post to raise awareness about miscarriage, as I have lost two of our children to miscarriage. I believe it's an important subject that needs to be spoken about more.

My second is a post I wrote about my daughter bonding with her little sister baby bump. She's been so awesome, and I can't wait to see how she is when her baby sister finally arrives!

What is your favourite post you have read?

It has to be a post written by Vicki from The Honest Confessions of a NICU Mum at
She wrote a post which was both honest and a little funny, and something I'm sure a lot of parents can relate to!

Have you ever had any nice comments from a strangers about your blog?

I recently had an amazing message sent to me in response to my post about miscarriage. They not only congratulated me on my bravery and honesty, writing about such a difficult subject; but also thanked me. They had been going through the miscarriage of their first child, and had felt lost and alone - and they said my post had helped them a lot.

Do you have any advice to give others starting out or any final words of wisdom?

Be patient: As with most anything in life, nothing happens over night. You don't wake up one morning with 10k followers on Twitter. Spend time building your audience, and allow for things to progress!
Don't worry: I see a lot of people panicking about stats, followers and other seemingly "important" things to do with blogging, but the ultimate goal of your blog should be to enjoy it, and to have great content. Everything else will follow.
Don't allow yourself to get disheartened: It is easy to look at the blogger next to you and see the amazing items PRs are sending for review; or how many likes or comments or retweets or followers they have on social media, and get a little upset that you don't have the same. Never forget that they started off at 0 too!

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You can find me on Facebook as Me Becoming Mum (; on Instagram as @me_becoming_mum (; and finally on Twitter as @me_becoming_mum (

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