Saturday 5 November 2016

Review: Kidecals Labels

I absolutely love labelling things so when I was given the opportunity to review Kidecals labels, I jumped at the chance!

I've noticed quite a bit over the last couple of weeks posts on social media with pictures of stickers in shoes to help the child match them up together and I thought this was an amazing idea.
When I was scrolling through Kidecals website, I noticed they did a pack of shoe stickers with rainbows and I had to add them to my basket. You see, the good thing about Kidecals labels is that they will stick to practically anything, are washable, dishwasher proof (although I can't see myself putting shoes in the dishwasher) and very hardwearing.

They had quite a range of shoe stickers available including some that are shaped like shoes. The rainbow ones are approximately two inches long and came in a pack which consisted of six pairs. I am a major fan at the fact these have the words "left" and "right" on them as it is currently helping my 3 year old recognise the words and she'll tell me which one says which.

I also ordered a Mixed Set of round labels for my eldest. These were a pack of 24 x 2" circles and 48 x 1" circles with her name through the middle. (I have blurred out her name for privacy purposes however the font is a really lovely script font).

I have used some of the 1" circles on a dinner set as they claimed to be dishwasher proof so I wanted to try this out - they are!
They have been through the dishwasher around 5 times so far and they've not started to peel or unstick in the slightest which I am really happy with.
I am really impressed with the quality of these stickers and just how versatile they are.

 I also used the circle stickers to label T's reward jar with her name just to make it that extra bit special for her. I used a 2" sticker for this which is a perfect size.

These stickers have so many uses; school books, tupperware, shoes, bags and even clothes! (They're washing machine proof.)
I have no doubt these will come in handy for anything I need to write a name on for my eldest.

 Kidecals do an amazing range of items including: Chalkboard labels, allergy alert labels, luggage tags, keyboard stickers, gift labels, canning labels as well as name and number labels and address labels.

Click here to be directed to Kidecals webite.
For a 15% discount on your order, please use the code "summersavings" at the till.

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