Friday 21 October 2016

Five for £5 - Kitchen Bits

This week I have gone with the theme "Kitchen" 
There are always cool gadgets you can buy for your kitchen. 
Whether they be expensive blenders, shiny new toasters, a machine that makes your boiled egg, coffee and toast each morning, there's lots of nifty things for your kitchen. 
These are my under £5 finds!

1. Novelty Mug

I'm an avid lover of novelty mugs so it's only fitting that everyone have one!

2. Batman Cookie Cutters

There were also Superman cookie cutters however I'm a Batman type of girl!

3. Kilner Drinking Jar

I think these look really cute! Imagine these when you're serving punch at a BBQ?

4. Fairy Cake Cases

There's lots of lovely cupcake cases about. I thought these in particular were rather cute!

5. Playing Card Bottle Opener

Fits in your wallet, looks cool, will open that ice cold bottle of Kopparburg! What more could you want?

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