Friday, 30 September 2016

Review: Book of Everyone

So my sisters birthday was coming up and I had no idea what to get her. Like, what do you get someone that has everything? The book of Everyone! 

I really enjoyed creating the book. You simply go onto their website, choose which type you want to create such as The Book of Everyone, The Book of Mum, The Book of Dad and The Romantic Edition and The Milestone Edition so there's plenty to choose from for a perfect fit to whomever it's for! 
I chose The Book of Everyone. It started by asking the name of who the book was for, date of birth and what my relationship was with them and then that set a theme for the rest of the book.

They had lots of pages to edit throughout the book and pages where you can add photos to just to make it that little bit more personalised!

The introduction page was probably one of my favourite pages as it instantly put a smile on my sisters face. 

I loved everything about the book.
The simplicity and enjoyment of creating the book.
The thoughtful personal touch when given as a gift.
The quality of the pages and pictures.
The interesting facts throughout the book,
and most of all, the reaction received when my sister read it!

The book also included a code so you can download your book onto your devices to show it off to family and friends.
I thought this was a really cool feature because it's something to be proud of but you wouldn't necessarily carry a book around everywhere just to show people but most of the time, you would have your phone or tablet!

There was a couple of different facts you could choose from with some of the pages. The alternative facts about common food was really cool and I wanted to choose all three, but alas, only one could be chosen! I settled with "You have 2 chromosomes fewer than a common potato."

It also included facts about the day and year you were born which were interesting. For example, the blockbuster movie, hit tv show and number 1 music hit!

Overall, I am extremely impressed with The Book of Everyone! I'll definitely be purchasing more for special family birthdays! 

Prices range from £7.50 - £49.50, depending on what you're getting. 
I got the Paperback version which is £19.50!

Check them out Here!

We were gifted The Book of Everyone Paperback Edition for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are my own. 


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