Sunday 25 September 2016

Our Lovely Neighbour

So today was lovely! 
Our neighbour brought T, L and R some chocolate and a teddy around.

It was all because of the other day. We were setting off to nursery and he was talking to T. 
They ended up agreeing that she would paint him a picture of a flower. 

T left nursery upset because they'd not done any painting that day so never did him a picture.

The day after, she did some paintings at nursery. When I went to pick her up, she kept saying she had a picture for the man next door. 

It was a dinosaur, kinda! Maybe more of a green blob with a red dot in the middle but still, a dinosaur! 

We nipped next door to give him the painting and he was very greatful and said he'd buy her some sweeties as a thank you.

Well that was early in the week. I wasn't expecting him to get her anything, or if he did, maybe one of the 6 pence bags of haribo from home bargains. 

Instead, he came round with a big carrier bag of sweets and goodies! 


I was in shock! I couldn't say thank you enough! It was really sweet and lovely! 

Now, I think we'll make a Thank You card for him to say thanks for the chocolate! (I'm not expecting any more, but he really didn't need to buy any for her, never mind as much as he did so it's only right to say thank you!) 

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