Saturday 13 August 2016

My keep sleepsuit

Have you ever had a kids outfit that you just keep no matter what? 
Doesn't fit in with anything, it isn't time of year appropriate but your kids will dress up in it regardless... Even if they don't leave the house! 

This is my keep outfit! 
It's a size Newborn and a Halloween glow in the dark outfit however I've got an April birth and 2 July births so have never actually had the need for it at Halloween. 

Funnily though, there is a reason why I have the sleepsuit. 
It is actually 8 years old and was bought one Christmas. That's right... Christmas! 
It was at the time I was going through my "emo kid" phase and I was in my local supermarket around Christmas time. They had a big clothes sale on and I picked up this little beauty for £1! 
It lived on a teddy I had for quite some time which also wore all of my wristbands and various spikey bracelets and sweatbands. 

I keep the sleepsuit because it reminds me of the time. Growing up. My friends at the time. My life. 
I'm not sure whether it will make its way into a memory blanket for my girls or whether it will stay as a sleepsuit and find another teddy that will wear it... But one thing is for sure, I don't plan on getting rid of it any time soon!

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