Monday 22 August 2016

A visit to Swithens Farm

 So yesterday we went to Swithens Farm, Rothwell. I'd never been before however has heard good reviews and I have to say I will be going again!
It was fun for all the family!

Usually, days out can become quite expensive but Swithens Farm is really cheap! It was £3 for me to get in and all the kids went free as they're under 5! It was only 30p for a bag of chopped carrots to feed the animals too.

They have an indoor playgym with a non walkers bit (which many don't so I was really impressed)! They also have a giant sand pit, 2 trampolines, 3 bouncy castles and a large outdoor play area too with fair ground rides (at additional cost for the fairground rides)

You can walk around the full farm and feed all the animals the carrots you purchased. They have sheep, cows, highland cattle, horses, donkeys, goats, emus, pigs, ducks, geese, alpacas and even a turkey! (They probably have more that I just can't remember on this list)

They have guineapigs and rabbits in a petting area and you can view the sheep shearing, alpaca shearing and lamb feeding throughout the day!

Honestly, what more can you expect for £3.30?!

Can you tell I've really liked this day out?

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