Tuesday 19 April 2016

5 Family places to visit in the UK

After doing lots of research on the best places to take the family, I decided that these were the top 5!
A range of different price ranges from £14 - £50+ for an adult ticket (correct prices as of 18/04/2016) there's something for everyone on this list!

1. Legoland Windsor

Location: Windsor
Price: Adult - £50.40, Child - £46.20

2. National Space Centre

Location: Leicester
Price: Adult - £14, Child - £11, Children under 5 - Free

3. Harry Potter World

Location: Leavesden
Price: Adult - £35, Child - £27, Children 4 and under - Free

4. BeWILDerwood

Location: Norfolk
Price: Adult - £15.50, Child - £13.50, Child under 92cm - Free

5. Diggerland

Location: Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire
Price: Adult - £19.95, Child under 90cm - Free


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