Sunday, 1 May 2016

30 Days of TV Challenge - Day 1

With it being the 1st of May, I thought I would start the 30 days of TV challenge.

I will be posting a short post every day this month (except the 31st) answering the challenge questions in order.

1. A Show That Should Have Never Been Cancelled...

Ever thought about test tube babies?
Well this was a Sci- Fi/ Drama/ Mystery that went along that theme.

They only lasted 3 seasons between 2006- 2009 but that was enough that it got me hooked!
Unfortunately, after the popularity plummeted, they cancelled mid season and it seized to exist.

Like seriously, why would you cancel mid season? Thats just mean!

I would definitely say that even though it wasn't on very long the 60 or so episodes it was on were pretty cool!

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